Denise Burden – Painter and Printmaker

Denise was born in Bradford, where she studied at the Art College before going to Norwich School of Art where she was awarded a First Class (Hons) Degree.

After College she returned to Yorkshire and moved to Wensleydale where she still lives. Initially she painted and exhibited at various galleries both in London and Yorkshire but illness and other events took her down different avenues and for many years she barely painted. She did, however, never stop observing.

Most of her inspiration springs from her memories - incidents, people she has met, scenes glimpsed that have imprinted themselves on her mind or books that she has read. She has an extraordinary recollection for minute detail, adding her own quirky individuality to happenings. Many of her figures bear imperfections and exaggerations that reflect the struggles and joys that come from life. She is fascinated by how people interact or do not interact and the sense of alienation that can stem from that.

During the painting process, Denise likes to create multi-layered surfaces which she can excavate and scratch through or scribble into or paint over. The process of reconstructing runs parallel to the idea of struggle and overcoming it to reach some sort of peace.